Diamond Dash

All you need to know about Diamond Dash. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Diamond Dash - All you need to know about Diamond Dash. How to play, tips and even cheats.

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash Game

Feeling bored  at office have no work to do , trapped at home cannot go out because of heavy rains , Have free time don’t know what to do well the answer is “Playing Games” exactly games have always proven to fight the boredom enjoy and fun. Games helps us to re-energize , refresh our mind , relief from stress etc.Well in the past people were more dependent on outdoor games since at that time there were no computers or mobile etc. But technology has changed the lifestyle of playing games instead of playing football on the ground children play them on computer , Sony playstation etc. Nowadays more portability has come instead of playing of computers , laptops etc kids nowadays tends to play on a mobile phone or tablet PC since its handy to carry anywhere and can be played at any time.Moreover there are motion games such as motion badminton a stick is used the game and as it is moved by our hand exactly it moves in the game hence such games are also available in today’s high technology world. We expect more new advance games to come in the near future.Games such as Diamond Dash are fun to play.

Facebook , the name itself suggest it is very popular in today’s world , Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates in  the year 2004. It was developed only for HarvardUniversity students. It is a social website in which  people can send message , upload photos , create profile , add friends and much more things the most popular was facebook wall in which one can wite message to some one else , post photos on their walls etc. Later it became popular so they decided to grow facebook at a high level inw which other university students , other college students  can also use facebook service.After few years passed it became so popular that it is used by everyone in today’s world.Every person has a facebook account he sends messages , upload photos etc the social life became easy with facebook. Also we can play games online such as Diamond Dash in Facebook.

Facebook later decided to launch game and application platform in which we can play our favorite game onlin on facebook. Since we came from computers to mobile and then tablet pc and now the game has gone cloud gaming. In which we can play games from anywhere in the world with the help of facebook. Many games can be played online with the help of facebook such as diamond dash.

One of the popular Online game on facebook is “ Diamond Rush” it is developed by Wooga. It is Award Winning Facebook and Mobile Game. It is a super fun and 5 star rating arcade game. It is very addicted puzzle arcade game. To play the game facebook account is required after login we can play this game from anywhere.The  rules are simple we are given 60 seconds per level. The goal of the game is to clear all the blocks in the stage. To clear the blocks in Diamond Dash we have to click on the matching coloring blocks  if they are three or more they gets cleared if there are two blocks they does not get clear hence we have to just click the group of same colour blocks with three or more and hence the stage gets cleared. It is the best game to be played in our free time. Diamond Dash is suitable to all age group like kids and adult also enjoy the game. Here’s the link to play the game and have loads of fun  https://www.facebook.com/DiamondDashGame

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